Friday, November 05, 2004

emerging sideways...

emerging sideways...
Liam here, Bobbie is on an adventure with friends in Vancouver BC. I'm posting this here (and may get scolded for using this venue) to attract bobbie's attention. In the malestrom of activity leading up to her departure - she neglected to leave me a contact # and everyone who knows us seem to be picking "Buck and Pink's" bedtime as "THE" time to call. There little faces tell the whole story - the phone rings the beam with anticipation - only to dad say "oh hello ...friend we haven't talk to in weeks (or months) glad you called, and I hate to put you off, but we're waiting for a call from bobbie..."

So help me test the blogosphere's all know who reads who. Let's see if we can get word t Bobbie via "Blog 'o gram" that all is well but we can't call her. (And that we MISS her and that I definitely consider the bed way too big without her)

Liam's thot for today: Heed where you feed. What you consume with your eyes, ears and mouth - is who you become.


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