Thursday, November 11, 2004

no rest for the weary

well i've jumped in the stream that is our family schedule and it's leaving little time to ponder, contemplate and even breathe.

i know that time will come, and all of the things i am participating in right now are lovely and family time, but i so long to just have a good hour to write without interuption. that will not happen this morning.

so i thought i'd just recognize the accessories in my suitcase that don't take a lot of 'unpacking', neat connections and things god did for and around me that don't need contemplation and quiet to unpack. (this is not a complete list, nor does it mean that they don't have deeper meaning that has gone deep within me, just that they are easily written about right now). i just have time while the dishwasher is running before i can take my shower! :)

-seeing a woman walking through the airport past me a couple of times and seeing her feminine confidence (and those gorgeous tights) and thinking 'man i could never pull that off, she's so confident', and then finding out she was MY ANJ!

-meeting deb and jeff and seeing deb try to wrench that humongeous suitcase off the conveyor belt as it almost wisked her away.

-the breathtaking beauty and warmth of walking into linwood house so weary and worn from the long travels and being received with grace and hospitality so unlike anything i've ever known before.

-individual teapots at the restaurant that all were unique and works of art unto themselves. the care and the individuality of those teapots spoke of each woman's uniqueness and beauty to me. (i had espresso! in a unique little cup).

-touring town with lisa and finding the art studio and being surrounded and inspired by the beauty and creativity of that place in time. and then driving along the ocean and dreaming big dreams and sharing great stories.

-resting in my own room, in luxiorious linens, pressed just for me by my friend stephanie and prepared with love. i slept so deeply and restored my ability to be present each day, instead of clouded and exhausted as i feared i might have been.

-lunch in the 'parlor', feeling the thin space there as god interwove stories of infertility, pregnancies, adoption and pain together into a melding of hearts and hope.

-getting to observe stephanie dance around her kitchen as she prepared each luxurious dish for us to enjoy and renourish our bodies as our souls danced along.

-finding the hand of a mother in the dark.

-embracing my elemental nature and proclaiming it to the room.

-watching as the plastic falls off around a most beautiful woman as she embraces her call and rests in the awakening grace around her.

-feeling the butterfly flap it's wings.

-seeing a beautiful china doll, once discarded be embraced and nurtured with a mother's love.

-receiving gifts along the way, giving flight to my feet and a touchstone to my soul.

-needlessly fearing the border (as i had forgotten my birth certificate, for which i berated myself for mercilessly all week) and stressing over the arrival time of the bus to the airport where god sent an angel dressed as a northwest ticket agent who plucked me out of the long line of travellers as i bypassed them all like royalty. it was unlike anything i had ever experienced. (i'll give more details later).

i must go now as the dishwasher is done. happy day!

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