Monday, November 29, 2004

space invaders

i thought i'd have the house to myself today. i somehow forgot the kids were still off school today. i'm such a bad mommy... i'm feeling horrible this morning, this last week just sucked the life out of me.

my sister and her husband came to stay for the past 4 days and it threw everything off kilter, especially my patience. i have tried and tried to like my new brother-in-law, i really have. by saturday night i was stretched to the edges of civility. i maintained, but barely. i can't imagine how my sister endures. he has a good heart, and isn't a mean person, but he's so thoughtless and at times ignorant and rarely stops talking. it was difficult to want to hear how my sister was doing, but have the air constantly filled with his opinions and words. i think she likes hiding behind him now, i really don't know. she wouldn't open up at all.

i'm just plain wiped out. i was really hoping to have the house all to myself today. i just want to curl up with a good book and not have anyone require anything of me today... pink and buck are such easy kids, i shouldn't begrudge them another day off school, it's just been constant since i returned from seattle. sick kids, company and life in general have flattened out any energy i might have had...

i think maybe i need a nap. maybe it will help with this headache... hope all of you are fairing well today. peace.

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