Thursday, November 18, 2004

how do they do it?

okay all ya'll home school moms - i have SO much more respect for you since trying to keep pink updated on all of her missed school work. she's on an antibiotic and hopefully it will clear up her sinus infection SOON...

i always did have a healthy load of respect for anyone who would choose not to send their children away on the bus every day and keep them home instead, but the level of frustration i felt today as pink struggled with breaking the numerical code on this silly homework assignment matched waiting in the express line at the grocery store behind 4 people with overflowing carts.

breathe... i wanted to tear up the paper, say 'this is so stupid, don't bother, you're not learning anything here anyway except how to frustrate yourself and your mother...' how do you all not do the work for the? or just give them the answers?? you must have the patience of job, i can't stand it.

poor kid. i took a breathing break and came back and said 'this isn't about you pink, this is about me, i'm sorry, my frustration is about things other than you or your ability to accomplish this homework assignment.' aaargh! she's going to school tomorrow whether or not she's feeling better! i just can't do it anymore! please god keep my son healthy and strong, i really need a break!

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