Tuesday, November 16, 2004

hallucinations and lack of sleep

well, pink has been sick these past few days with a fever and every time i get ready to take her to the doctor she perks right up and it looks like the worst is over. well, this morning i awoke to her tearing things off her wall because they looked like people coming to take her away. poor wee thing.

there were also spiders. that was always my hallucination as a kid. spiders on the ceiling. today i guess we need to get to the doctor.

so, 4:00 wake up and another day 'at home' with this kiddo. i informed her yesterday that sick at home on a school day didn't look like sick at home on the weekend - no tv and a lot of time in her room. she complied, but was disappointed. it's so hard to balance. i think we'll do a lot of reading today to pass the time.

is it horrible for me to have really wanted her to be healthy and back to school?? especially for her, but also for me... i really wanted today to just have some silence and solitude. to contemplate the workings of this past month or more... oh well, it's not to be today i guess.

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