Tuesday, November 02, 2004

i voted! how 'bout you?

well, i donned my 'seek justice' t-shirt and grabbed my 'reallivepreacher.com' book and walked the four blocks in 75 degree weather to my polling station reading to wait and wait.

i had missed the early rush, and beat the lunch rush, so i was in and out with all of my senior citizen, democratic neighbors. it gave me great joy to stand in that tiny little church basement with those adorable elderly voters and cast my vote for john kerry. it took all of 3 minutes, but i had a lovely walk, in probably the warmest weather i will experience for months.

packing is almost complete and i leave at 4:15 a.m. tomorrow to head to the airport. we would all appreciate your prayers, meeting 9 other bloggers and sharing this experience together is such a blessing, one i am just astonished to be experiencing! health, safety and luggage arriving with us would be really appreciated if you added them (us) to your prayer list!

have a wonderful week! i will miss you all!

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