Sunday, November 14, 2004

what's wrong with gossip?

There is no law but love. Love is joy in others. Therefore it should be out of the question to speak about another person in a spirit of irritation or vexation. There must never be talk, either in open remarks or by insinuation, against anyone, or against their individual characteristics—and under no circumstances behind their back. Gossiping in one’s family is no exception. Direct address is the brotherly or sisterly service we owe anyone whose weaknesses cause a negative reaction in us. An open word spoken directly to another person deepens friendship and will not be resented.

Eberhard Arnold
wow, is it any wonder why our churches are so screwed up. we don't practice this. i don't practice this. i want to, but who has the time? i don't mean that as a cop-out, but the list of 'irritation or vexation' is pretty long (especially today) - i can see this really happening in communal living (which is looking really attractive right now), but in our suburban culture i could never see this kind of thing happening. what a challenge though.

i'd like to try. it would take me a month just to clear up the gunk from the yesterdays so that i could start fresh, what a concept... what a challenge...

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