Tuesday, November 16, 2004

just in case

hey, it seems like a couple of my people have 'flaked' on the free ipod thing, i only need a couple more and all you have to do is sign up an email (make one up on hotmail for free - they will send you emails, not spam yet, i'm sure it will get to that point, but these seem to be from reasonable businesses) and get blockbuster dvd's for 2 weeks and talk 5 more people into doing the same (what a pyramid scheme!!!! bhwaaaaaaaaa) and you get a free ipod. it's real. adam cleaveland at pomomusings got his (well, he didn't get it because it came to his parents and they shipped it to him and it got lost in the mail... so he is grieving his lack of ipodness still).

anyway - if you want one of your own please click here.

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