Tuesday, November 02, 2004

healing the rift between us

as i left our church last night i was again overcome with a sick, deep feeling in the pit of my heart. how can such well meaning people be so completely unable to see how they are being manipulated in this campaign?

those there last night to 'pray the vote' all assumed they had god's will already figured out and had bought every word carl rove is selling. please don't misinterpret this as 'because they don't agree with me they are wrong'. that couldn't be further from the truth. what i am shocked with is how they can't even admit even one fear, concern or disappointment with gwb, his presidency or his campaign - not one. they have switched off their brains and are believing every ounce of the propoganda, and swallowing it like it's covered in chocolate sauce.

this scares me church. terrifies me actually. what kind of false teaching can creep in the door now because they've become so inhebriated by the power of this election? what division is caused by their complete inability to see these complex issues as such. the reductionism of this year's campaign sickens me, and yet they don't see it. not one little thing. i hear them spewing sound bytes like they've been programmed into their brains - and i want to knock that glazed look out of their eyes. what happens when 'next' (2008) says everything they want to hear again, but doesn't mean any of it. (i won't be so bold as to suggest that this year, but i'm suspicious of that too). they have sold the farm for power.

their rallies are tear driven, emotional amway conventions, they are truly worshipping our president, their adoration has crossed over into dangerous, dangerous places.

chris at radio rebellion has also introduced the thought that while we pray for god to heal our land we have no interest in any of the humbling necessary to get there. somehow we think that god is addressing those outside the faith with this - that 'those people' need to get their act together for god to bless our land. that couldn't be further from the truth. it is us. we are the ones who need to be on our knees humbling ourselves - not judging in arrogant disdain.

i don't know what happens today. i think america is strong enough to endure the next 4 years no matter what. but i'm not so sure the church is. how did we loose this seperation between church and state? where did it go? i want it back, and i want it now. we have lost our voice and had it replaced by clanging symbols lacking in love and compassion. we care more about special interest groups who care more about their pockets than their hearts. those interests aren't god's interests. there is no room for the poor, the disenfranchised or the different.

tom sine has written an article called 'america's culture wars: in search of a third way' - it is important. we need to understand that the 'religious right' is non-existent in other christian cultures around the world. i know that we americans feel superiority in ways that shun our ability to learn from others, but we must if we are ever going to heal what ails us. we must heal the great divide that this has caused if we are ever going to be effective in addressing those deep issues that touch the heart of god.

you can find that article here at the ooze.

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