Saturday, March 10, 2012

day 17 - home again, home again

jiggity jig...

my mom used to say that every time we pulled into the driveway when i was a kid...

trip away was really special - was wonderful to be able to celebrate my kids, bring their friends along, celebrate the money i've been making and not charge one thing on this trip - must be a first for us on holiday. i was really proud of myself for saving and providing for this, i have never made good money before, ever. it's quite fun.

we have determined not to increase our standard of living with these funds as they are not guaranteed forever so it's debt reduction and special purchases (which will increase our standard of living, but not in the monthly commitment end of things).

i decided that yesterday was my sabbath, so i did not blog - and i will make up for it and blog tomorrow as i will have to work my butt off to make up for the time i took off to go away.

i've been skipping church frequently as of late. nobody seems to notice or care. how sad. for us both i mean. it's easy for me to get my nose out of joint. i have heard that many have moved on from our church because they have felt this way. i can see that if my kids weren't having their needs met here how easy it would be to just stop going all together. it's actually them that are up and ready to go before us. amazing. what a gift.

most of the time i am not going to church because of work, boss gets my stock to me late, things like that - taking the time off was so worth it, even if i have to push tomorrow.

got my period on the full moon, synched with my daughters - it's a rare thing, but definitely a "modern family" moment if you watch the show. she and i do and it made us laugh as the leap year episode was about all three females in the house ruining phil's leap year celebration by menstruating together. still makes me giggle. love that show.

well, since we loose an hour of sleep tonight i think i'll head to bed. had already turned off the computer when i realized i had forgotten to blog. sorry nothing of real interest to talk about. hope you're enjoying your weekends.

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