Friday, March 23, 2012

day 29 - relief

had bought hunger games matinee tickets for daughter & my girlfriend and her kids before i realized that it was normally the day i see my spiritual director.  that is the highlight of my month - so i was so grateful she was able to come down early and see me before we left.

i love this spunky nun more than just about anyone in my life right now - it is no mistake that we have found each other.  i adore her.  she is as close to extended family as i have right now.  she is like an aunt to me, and i adore her.

at the end of our session today i told her that i had been hoping for a more slow thaw to winter than we have had and how i noticed on my walk yesterday as there was no ice for me to break through.  i mentioned that i liked to help spring along by crushing the ice on the edges of the road and sidewalks so it melts more quickly - and she started to giggle and mimes god and the angels looking down from heaven saying "oh, you don't have to worry about that block there, bobbie's taken care of that one" :)  we belly laughed and giggled for quite some time.  it felt so good.

she reminded me when i left that i needed to remember that the calendar is just a suggestion and that my hoped for resurrection may not fall distinctly on easter - i was grateful for that reminder, i said that maybe, like this spring it might even come early.

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