Thursday, March 29, 2012

day 32 - 9 days until easter

hard to believe lent is almost over.  i look forward to being able to set this aside.  most nights i forgot to blog until bed (like tonight) and i am falling asleep at the keyboard.

i helped a friend plan our good friday service today.  joined her for lunch and we brainstormed a contemplative night of stations for people to meet with god.

i was able to express how lacking in excitement i am this lenten season - hopeful, but really afraid god isn't going to show up.  it was so good to be heard and to allow for us to create a space where anyone, wherever they are on this journey to participate, no expectations.

i'm so glad i'm not in a place that manufactures hype or ratchets up the need for a projected participation level.  this will just be a grace filled night, filled with options and honesty and the tension of moving into easter together.

it feels very safe.  i haven't felt safe in quite a long time.  i like that.

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