Friday, March 16, 2012

day 23 - shattered

heartbroken over the arrest and committal (i have no idea what the proper term for ordered mental health care actually is? hospitalization) of jason russell (invisible children) - just heartbroken.

the cruelty of the onslaught of sneering, judgmental criticism that was thrown at that man, those people, that foundation - it boggles my mind. pornographers are given parades and someone, maybe not totally well informed, or perfect in their effort, but someone who's heart was to help, to shed light and to seek justice so mocked and slandered is unbelievable to me.

i am just heart broken. i know nothing of the details, but to watch a father shattered - none of it makes sense. it all just seems so cruel.

all i can think of is that poor little boy - i squirmed majorly when he was brought into the kony video, it made me horribly uncomfortable that he was exposed to that brutality, his little innocence lessened - but now, how to bear this? it just all seems so cruel. they never had a clue it would do what it did - it was never their intention to unleash this storm, this tornado, this attention. this was about youth pastors and youth groups and college ministries - not international uproar and millions of viewers. shattered.

where does redemption happen in the midst of all of these broken pieces?

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