Monday, November 22, 2004

$250 iTunes credit or a free ipod - help please!

all i want for christmas is a free ipod, a free ipod, a free ipod... all i want for christmas is a free ipod... so i can... i'll stop honest.

okay, yes, me begging again... the people who signed up under me for the free ipod thing scrambled on me, so i'm yet again begging.

did you know that if you already have an ipod you can get a $250 iTunes gift certificate?!?!?! you know you want that U2 catalog - it's $149.00 - with the iTunes coupon you could get that and still have $101 to play with for other songs - come on, you know you want it!

here are the 3 steps you need to take to make this work.

1. go to yahoo or hotmail, make up a disposable email address. the gimmick here is that they sell your active email address to other companies (nothing r-rated or anything, so far it's like sprint and car companies, etc. - and it is spam, but who cares, after you're done with your commitment you can let that account just fill to the brim and never check it again, right!?!?!)

2. go free ipod here and sign up using that disposable email address. choose either an ipod of a $250 iTunes credit.

3. sign up for free 2 week blockbuster trial (the least expensive and the give you a free month when you go to cancel) - plus you get to watch dvd's sent to your home which you retun in the mail.

4. post your link on your blog, or email friends to solicit your five people to sign up under you.

i normally would be doing that instead of hassling all of you, but i used my emergingsideways email address and because it's anonymous i can't beg anyone i don't want to know about my blog... argh!

this isn't a scam, it's real, lots of bloggers have shown pictures of their new ipods (or gift certificate for itunes if you'd prefer) on their blogs.

bobbie wants an ipod for christmas! :) PLEASE!!

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Hey, where is your link? Mine is

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