Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Congress.Org -- Issues and Legislation

Congress.Org -- Issues and Legislation

the draft... this makes me sick. as a youth pastor's wife i work with teens weekly. the thought that they may be grist for the war machine brings me deeply to tears. those babyfaced boys (and maybe girls) we are just graduating could be blown to bits by land mines next year.

i hate this. i stood in front of them before 'shock and awe' became words in our vocabulary and prayed 'dear god, please don't let this war happen. please bring peace so these teens will never have to face the terror of being 'called up' or drafted.'

i'm weeping at the thought of how incredibly horrific this would be. it's not right, we need to fight this. it needs to end.

part of my 'emergence' is affecting my politics. i never thought there would come a day when i would unregister myself as a republican voter. i am realizing now though that there are more important things that not being taxed to death and gas prices.

my vote in november is truly up in the air. this issue will probably be one of the major deciding factors i will be considering.

please god, bring peace.

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