Thursday, June 10, 2004

don't get carried away...

i'm crying so hard i can hardly see the screen. i was just reading at praying mantis and came across a poem he had written. how does he know how i feel? this has touched a place so unexpected in me, so completely caught off guard. i hope he doesn't mind me copying his work here:

paper weight

her words are held down,
written on the page
to be lifted up,
but left under
the stainless steel pyramid,
they are forgotten,
beneath the
paper weight
of their fears.

Feather Weight

He is exalted,
raised up,
by the wind,
without his own strength
he is carried
beyond his dreams.
This is her dream too,
and the dream of all
who hear the call.

and they all say,
"Don't get carried away."
and we say,
"get off."

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