Thursday, June 03, 2004


jonny and tim (sorry i can't get my active links to work - newbie...) have my mind reeling today. i am so intrigued by the possibility that all the eschatology i was taught at bible college by the darby-ists is as illogical as i always imagined it to be.

options, i have options! one of the most damaging things about growing up in a religious heritage that asserts itself as 'we are the keepers of the only truth' is that you never question anything. questions are dangerous, faithless and feared.

one of my theology professors favorite phrases was 'there are three views on this, (then he'd roll his eyes as he listed the 'first two') and the third, which is the right view, and just so happens to be my view' - barf.

i can feel my mind expanding already. it's like those flowers shown in fast forward as they grow and bloom - or a star being born - i can't explain it, but i can literally feel my mind being blown. i love it.

tim used the word 'liminal' - i'm not sure what it meant, so i looked it up:

Main Entry: lim·i·nal
Pronunciation: 'li-m&-n&l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin limin-, limen threshold
1 : of or relating to a sensory threshold
2 : barely perceptible

i don't know if he's using it to describe a new theology, or just the similar minded who are 'barely perceptible' in our churches today? either way i can't wait to learn more about this.

my youth class wants me to teach on 'end times' ick this summer - i don't think i can stomach the charts and timelines crap. parroting things i don't believe anymore, which i'm realizing i was always skeptical about anyway.

i'm tired of that 'otr' (old time religion) that made it more about heaven than it did about earth. i love the idea that THIS earth wasn't just a botched up job that god is just waiting to blow up, like 'oops, earth version 1 was a failure, must upgrade technology'.

the thoughts are just endless, never in a million years did i ever realize how much emerging was going to change me.

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