Sunday, June 13, 2004

your honesty frees up little bits in me

“Your honesty frees up little bits in me.”

andrea wrote so personally as she shared the emotions and grief of miscarriage. she did that because one of her friends said that to her. “Your honesty frees up little bits in me.” that quote just sticks with me.

it's 4:42 in the morning. i've been up since 1:30 - yes, i know it's the time a lot of you go to bed, not wake up - but i'm restless and i can't figure out why.

i've been reading blogs for a couple of hours it seems, catching up on those my syndicator seems to miss somehow and am so moved by how this blogging community has become so life-giving to me.

each of us sharing our own struggles, pain and hope. all of it would be 'lost' if it had to wait for a book to be published, or trapped only within the small community of our influence. but now, now it crosses time, location, language, prejudice and preconceived notions.

i'm sure if you dumped us all in a room together our own brokenness would keep us from forming a community - he's too weird looking, she's too fat, wow, i didn't know he was that old, ewe, she looks stuck up. but here none of that happens, our words are all that is needed to show our hearts.

i like that.

i like your hearts, i love your words, and i crave this community that is forming here.

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