Monday, June 21, 2004


i think that recreation is so important, i have little idea how to do it, but i think it's really important. to that end our family has been gifted 4 passes to creation east this week, and we are heading up tomorrow to beat the crowds. one of the adult coaches in my husband's youth group has a lot of connections and he can get us in the gate early. so off we go... to camp... and use port-a-potties, and cold showers and hang out with 90,000 of our closest friends... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

and i know it's not hugely emergent to love christian bands, but i do - i get to hear kutless, fm static and superchick, switchfoot and relient k. delirious and jars of clay, audio a and third day. and of course my all time favorite DCB - i have to get the remainder of signatures on my cd jacket. just so you know david crowder is the nicest 'famous person' i've ever had the opportunity to meet. he treated this 38 year old woman like a real human being and chatted with me like we were old friends.

i'm also looking forward to hearing rob bell teach for 2 sessions. he is one of the most gifted speakers i've heard in recent years.

but unlike most bloggers i am laptop-less... and that is my biggest regret. i will miss these keys and this screen. i feel like i'm leaving my children behind. sounds like i need this break (or an intervention) doesn't it?? i can feel the withdrawl shakes happening already.

back to the pen and paper. and some silence and solitude will definately be happening. and i'm sure i'll get to read some of those books i've been setting aside to blog. breathe...

so have a great week. if i can find a computer anywhere on site i will drop in and say 'hi'. you're in my prayers!

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