Tuesday, June 01, 2004

the free mind of dan gilliam

the free mind of dan gilliam

i feel the need to make you (my many and varied readers, ha ha) aware of a new blogger friend - his name is dan gilliam and i think you will enjoy his writing as much as i am.

i was buying a nouwen book on ebay on and like the frugal woman i am clicked on 'check out my other auctions' and stumbled across some mini watercolors he painted (which btw, his art is as beautiful as his writing, oh, and his music too, can't forget his music).

we corresponded and he added me to his email list for his writing. i've been enjoying them for weeks now, and when i started blogging i nagged dan to start too. his insights and humor are just too good to go unread by the blogging world.

so enjoy!

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