Tuesday, June 01, 2004

the end is near...

not feeling very contemplative this a.m. actually more anxious and out of sorts. school gets out this week. while that is great in a lot of ways for our family, it does 'eat into' my contemplative quiet and writing time.

i have just purchased phyllis tickle's "the divine hours, prayers of summertime" on ebay by recommendation of lilly (lilly's pad) because i have never 'done' the hours or prayed liturgically before, and i'm hoping to redeem some of that in my life, and maybe the lives of my children this summer.

i thought it would give us some structure because time just seems to slip away from me in the summer months.

so i guess these next two days (today and tomorrow) are "it" for personal time and it's making me grouchy and anxious. my new little mantra is 'fall is coming, fall is coming" (my youngest goes to 1st grade in the fall and i will have 'full days' to myself again) and i am so looking forward to that, but i don't want to wish away the summer (as i am want to do).

one day at a time...

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