Saturday, June 26, 2004

sunburn, claustrophobia and vip treatment

i'm back... and never going camping again! :)

the change of pace was great, the event itself was incredible, but i'm just plain old not made for camping. i had forgotten how much i hate tents, even though ours is 10' x 20' it still left me with thoughts of turning into the incredible hulk and running through the side for some fresh air. trapped is not a feeling that i am comfortable with, but i lived.

i spent today fulfilling a promise to my 8 year old daughter pink, we are big superchick fans and because our friend blessed us with vip passes, we got down front, dead center - best standing room in the arena for the concert and waited over 1 hour to get her cd jacket signed (we even got to pet their pet toy yorkie 'belle'!). we ended up baking in the sun for over 3 hours and i am fried. i haven't been this sunburned since the days of baby oil and iodine trying to convince my high school skin that i 'just needed a base' to get a tan - it never worked. my scandanavian heritage doesn't have one ounce of pigment and my red hair and freckles just leave me on the short end of the melatonin scale.

i have missed you all (and have 100's of entries in my bloglines to 'catch up' on). the blog world has gone on without me believe it or not!

i will begin again with the prayer thoughts after a good shower, a wonderful nights sleep in my own bed and a fresh ground cup of real coffee in the morning! night all!

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