Sunday, June 20, 2004

feelings, nothing more than feelings...

okay, it's a bad title, but it's my 4th post today! :)

one of the frustrations i've had with my healing and recovery was trying to identify and feel the feelings i was (duh) feeling.

i told my therapist that i didn't even have the words i needed to describe them. they weren't a part of my vocabulary. i am an educated, fairly intelligent individual, so this came as a great frustration to me. it felt like another language i had never learned.

at that point she got up, when to her office and returned with a watercolor print that had small children drawn all over it. each child was expressing a different feeling or emotion and they were drawn to express that emotion, and even without the words and definitions you would be able to identify the emotion. it was magical - i loved it and have searched high and low for it.

as the blog world is unusually silent today my usual reading time was empty and i got a bit bored, so i began to google and came across this great site that is similar to, but not nearly as artistic as the print. it is a great tool to help those of us who need 'remedial feelings 101' as a kind of cheat sheet. so if this is you enjoy!

list of feeling words

here are some more to enjoy:

feelings inventory

needs inventory

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