Monday, September 13, 2004

divide and conquer

i saw my therapist today. the timing couldn't have been better. she listened patiently as i caught her up on all of the many things that happened over the summer and then go to what i've been working through these past couple of weeks.

i talked of my dream, my concerns and the many other ways i've been dealing with fear. she's very gifted at listening to it all and asking some very pointed questions, and then giving a perspective. i told her about 'sitting with fear' and how overwhelmed i was feeling and how it seemed so sufficating sometimes.

her wise words were 'bobbie, you control the door. you don't have to let every fear in all at once. just invite the one you're feeling at the time, name it and deal with it.' what a concept. the big blob of 'free floating anxiety' i was dealing with was overwhelming for a reason.

she said fear can't stand on it's own. it's always attached to something. when we can identify what it's attached to we can then name it and face it. good timing. great wisdom. divide and conquer. that i can manage.

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