Sunday, September 12, 2004

invisible at a church picnic what a concept!

well, liam survived the sr. hi retreat and while he was gone i found out that our good friends cpr were going to be doing a show within driving distance, so i bailed us out of our own church picnic and we all went to enjoy another church's picnic/fall festival (i think they're rushing that 'fall' thing a bit - but it was lovely).

cpr is disbanding, so it was really important for us to see them one last time. we've grown close to them over the years and while they make you laugh until it hurts i admit i teared up at the end knowing i would never hear 'gloog, gloog, gloog' again...

it was so much fun to be at a 'church event' and not have my husband caught in 'pastor chat' every five minutes. we actually got to talk and catch up on the weekend and make plans for the week while pink and buck jumped in the bouncy house and waited in line for cotton candy. it truly felt like we were invisible. i loved it!

all in all it was a nice ending to a rather stressful weekend. liam has tucked the kids in bed and is heading back to the hotel the guys are staying at so they can laugh together one last time. i'm pooped and heading to bed. have a great night!

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