Monday, September 06, 2004

how to tell stories

anj asked in the comments about the sebastian holmer photographs:

help me - i am not visual. the second one speaks to me, and i like the feel of the first, but it does not move anything in me. can you use words to explain what it moves?
i started to answer her in the comments, but i get so long winded it is better just to post sometimes.

anj, i adore fantasy fiction (narnia, lotr, stephen lawhead, etc.) and children's literature (charlotte's web, secret garden, from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler, etc.) and i have always longed to write fiction.

the space created in this image (click on the image so you can see it expanded in all of it's detail) looks to me to be the perfect place to sit and ponder and imagine. the lighting is perfect (i am a mole), the pages flying through the air, and the smell of old books on the shelves - all ready to unlock the stories of my soul.

i have a difficult time accessing that playful imaginative part of me that those stories long to pour out from, i wonder if i have to exorcise some of my 'demons' first before i am able to have that kind of child like faith that is necessary to write fiction.

that moon, those fingers, that setting looks to me like it should be part of a lemony snicket novel or tucked away in some dusty english castle. i love the pages falling through the air - capturing the frustration, or glee of the writer, and the fact that the instruction is there 'how to tell stories' felt like an invitation to me. an invitation to allow that 10 year old girl to find that place that feels safe for the stories to be told.

it gives me hope that one day i too will be able not only to tell my own story, but also those stories waiting to be told.

image by sebastian holmer

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