Wednesday, September 01, 2004

my favorite guardian angel

i need to correct a huge oversight in my blogroll. many of you may already read him, and i have for months. he's one of the first blogs i check because his writing is just that good.

rarely do i find writing, let alone blogging, that moves me more deeply and inspires creative thought of my own. i know he will disagree with me, but jeremy is the coolest, he's the kind of guy i always wanted to hang out with in high school, but i would get too tongue tied around. his eye for an image and his skill with verse blends to show a part of his soul that most keep tucked far away. honestly i would pay money to read his blog. he is just that good.

hit his blog now so you can say 'i knew him when...' these are some of my favorites:

i stole this story too

hand holding manifesto iii

old reflections on beauty

so jeremy, my most sincere apologies for leaving you off the roll, obviously a brother just has to remind a sister that she's hoarding his writing all for herself...

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