Thursday, September 16, 2004

hold bush to his 2002 promise

in 2002 president bush committed funds to the 'millenium challenge' to help fight global poverty. this is the email i received from DATA today:

America’s Millennium Challenge to fight global poverty and corruption is in danger. Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to cut requested funding by more than 50%.

YOU can help to save the Millennium Challenge!

America’s Millennium Challenge is an historic initiative to help the poorest countries fight poverty and corruption. It rewards democratic countries that use their own resources to fight poverty, and demonstrate a commitment to fighting corruption. Support for anti poverty programs such as this also helps the fight against AIDS because AIDS thrives in conditions of extreme poverty.

Unfortunately, two years after announcing this initiative, the Bush Administration has failed to get it fully up and running and fight for full funding. Because of this inaction, the House of Representatives cut Millennium Challenge funding in half. Yesterday, the Senate Appropriations Committee cut even further.

Announcing the Millennium Challenge in 2002, President Bush said there are no second-class citizens in the human race, and he "carries this commitment in my soul."

Now it’s up to you to tell President Bush to live up to his commitment and save the Millennium Challenge.

Call 1-877-HOPE-USA (1-877-467-3872)

to be connected directly to the White House.

Tell President Bush you support the lifesaving Millennium Challenge.

For more information about the Millennium Challenge and what to say when you call, please click here.

Act now and lend your voice to the fight against global AIDS and poverty.

This message brought to you by DATA, a member of the ONE campaign .

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