Monday, September 06, 2004


the end of her rope...

it's like a chain reaction this morning, one thought leading to the next. reading the baby lyrics made me think of these:

rachel racinda's small sister melindas
had come to the end of her rope.

trying and vying and sighing and crying
and dying to meet the boy 'hope'.

but melindas stayed firmly and tightly secure
inside her house where her life could be sure.

the windows were bolted and doors they were locked
and every day hope came to visit and knocked,

but rachel racinda's small sister melindas
made certain the entrance was blocked.

he couldn't come in and she wouldn't come out,
no matter how loudly she'd scream and he'd shout
and even though both of them knew it was wrong,

rachel racinda's small sister melindas
had been in her house for too long.

she saw herself ugly and called herself dumb.
but hope had seen beauty and brilliance and fun.

the world was to scary she wouldn't partake,
but hope talked of what a fine leader she'd make.

she lowered the shade and she fastened the curtain.
her future was scary and love was uncertain.

and rachel racinda's small sister melindas
knew all she had known was at stake.

no matter how hope begged her please to come out,
she valued her fears and she trusted her doubt.

and soon even she couldn't open the lock,
or break out the window of turn back the clock,

or let hope come inside and show her his care.
her house was to solid, her house was despair.

and rachel racinda's small sister melindas
was used to her life and stayed there.

she talked of adventure, but dreamed from inside.
and most of the days, well she slept or she cried.
and even though hope and the others had tried,

rachel racinda's small sister melindas
learned early and well how to hide.

lyrics by lost and found
image by sebastian holmer

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