Monday, September 06, 2004

suddenly seminary, dragonflies and a four leaf clovers

a relaxing non-labor day here at home. no anxious picnic preparation or social gatherings. just us, sans dad even. we had a nice brunch and then we colored a humongeous poster together with markers. buck's blue squirrels and multi-colored cabin roof has definately added that needed spark to our forest scene.

i then spent the afternoon manoevering the 'habbo hotel' for renee's virtual book tour with the tallskinnykiwi. unknowingly andrew gave the u.s. version of the hotel and i created my habbo, named her and got a bit familiar with the location early today, so i'd just have to log in at 2:00 eastern. ugh - i spent 10 minutes trying to find suddenly seminary only to realize i'm at the wrong location - and then i scurry over to the uk site (which because it's prime time over there is horribly slow and they don't like the word 'bobbie' - if someone could please explain - every time i tried to name my habbo it told me that word was 'forbidden'. is there some british slang i should know about?? it never translated over to canada i will assure you...

so, named my habbo and stumbled into that virtual space. it was jarring for a bit and it took me some getting used to. it was amazing to be 'in the same room' as renee, andrew, marko, will sampson and jordon cooper (among many others i can't remember right now). as soon as we got into the flow of conversation the privacy dropped and we got invaded by many weirdos looking for a party, it was like oil and water and when we finally made them uncomfortable enough to leave it got really good.

we had planned a day at our friend's private lake to let the kids and liam fish, and mom to lay in the grass and watch the glorious puffy clouds float by. what a gorgeous day. we were the only souls there and it's a golf course like setting (without all of those annoying golfers) and being near water and watching my kids run and play was salve to my busy soul.

i recalled so many memories today. i think what started it was that the black walnut tree near the swing was beginning to drop it's walnuts - those tennis ball looking orbs that when crushed begin to emit that lemony citrus kind of smell. that smell took me back to my childhood instantly. we had one of those trees in our front yard growing up. i remembered the many times i would sit in our front yard (man were we blessed with a beautiful lot growing up) and spend my time looking for 4 leaf clovers in a bid to change my ever failing luck.

i had forgotten how much time i actually spent alone and pondering. daydreaming and wishing for a different life. i realized as i tried to find one with pink today that i was pretty content with my life today. no need for a change of luck.

the dragonflies were also in abundance today - so many different varieties and colors. chris at radio rebellion told a story earlier this summer about spending time with his daughter and their deep discussion about dragonflies. he explained that they were fairies and someone left in the comments the idea that their wings are windows to another world. ever since then i have been enraptured by their beauty. windows into another world.

it was a glorious afternoon with the best weather we've had all summer. i am truly amazed at how much i needed that gift today and didn't even know it. healing water, blowing breeze, dancing clouds and the laughter of my children and the jump of the fish. happy labor day everyone!

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