Tuesday, September 28, 2004

seventeen years!

wow - hard to believe this time 17 years ago i was curling my hair and preparing to marry my best friend. can it really be that long ago? it seems like just yesterday, and it seems like forever.

liam and i dated for 3 years through college, so it's been 20 that we've been together. hard to believe that those 2 babies fresh out of college have made it to this point. what a ride!

we celebrated last week on thursday by heading into the city. we tried to tour some of the major sites, but much was closed due to the flooding and our poor timing. we still had a wonderful day together talking about the future and trying not to talk about ministry present.

yesterday we also celebrated close to home. today, i'm cleaning toilets and he's off to work, but we've connected to mark this milestone in our lives together. marriage has truly been the most difficult, rewarding discipline either of us has faced. we've been through thick and thin, lean and fat, shaky and stable. i can't imagine anyone i'd be better suited to journey this life with, and he for me. we've become a matched set, push each other's buttons and live life full tilt together.

liam, i love you, you sharpen me and inspire me, make me crazy with both frustration and passion. i adore you. thank you for walking these past 17 years side by side with me. i am truly blessed to call you husband and to be your wife. thank you! happy anniversary babe!

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