Thursday, September 02, 2004

finding my rhythm

i am loving the back to school-ness of this new season of my life, but i am finding it really difficult to find a rhythm that will work for me.

it used to be my mornings were filled with lovely uninterrupted blogging time, no deadlines, the lazy pace of summer. now it's getting kiddos on the bus, packing lunches and bus brakes.

i love it because it gets me up and moving, but i'm finding that i miss that morning time to engage my brain (i've tried to be a night person, but my premenopausal mind just won't cooperate!)

liam and i have re-initiated our morning walk. as soon as the kids get on that bus we wind our way down through the college and back. it's a great discipline and we get some real time each day to communicate and get some much needed exercise.

but that has left my writing/blogging in a sad state of affairs. i'm not nearly as indepth midafternoon or late evening as i am fresh in the morning. i know i'll have to find a place for it, but i just haven't hit my stride yet... well... off to fold laundry...

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