Thursday, August 12, 2004

adding to the blog roll

i'm adding some new names to my blogroll that i thought i'd draw your eye to.

each are wonderful women, with amazing perspectives on life, family and their own passions.

the first two complete blogging couples, both lisa's, one is married to will sampson of willzhead blogging fame. she is author lisa sampson. i don't know how she escaped my blogroll, i've been reading her blog for months, but you can find her input at author intrusion.

and the second lisa is married to bob carlton (who i just realized i had left off my blogroll by accident too) of the corner blog. her new blog is called escaping into the open.

the next is a member in the fellowship of pain, a voice of healing and recovery. my true self is a blog where jennifer is telling her story in hopes of healing both herself and her readers.

i'm sure each of these women would appreciate a welcome into our blogging community. i look forward to reading their thoughts and hearing their new voices weave into the tapestry of our days.

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