Thursday, August 19, 2004

my newly improved sidebar!

thanks to darren at 'the alternative hymnal' i am able to finally have an informative sidebar. i spent all morning (i woke up at 4:30 again...) tweaking and playing with it. it was a lot of fun.

so, before you think i have really horrible taste in music i must explain - we get christian music cd's (which is do like) as a part of keith's budget, and i can't seem to justify shelling out $$ for the secular ones that i like (evanescence and black eyed peas are the two on my wish list right now). i think i'll probably end up going to a music download site to buy the songs i like and then burn a mix cd. does anyone have a good recommendations of ones they use? i am operating windows 98 on a large hard drive, but my technology isn't pretty dated. we finally got a burner here at home and nemo came with the package, i haven't used it yet myself, so i don't know if there is anything better?? any advice would be appreciated and helpful. also any tips on some good songs that i should head toward to broaden my horizons would be great too!

i can't seem to find images of books small enough not to knock out the rest of my sidebar yet, so those will be added soon.

if you scoll all the way down to the bottom of the list you will see 'an if you're bored' list - some of those sites are really fun and cool, i like them all.

i just thought it was a way that i could round out things a bit here at the blog. have a great day!

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