Sunday, August 29, 2004

why can't batman fly?

we're sitting at lunch today and buck gets this serious look on his face and says 'hey mom, why can't batman fly?'

the six year old is starting to sift, this is good. 'superman has a cape and he can fly, why can't batman's cape help him fly?'

so i take that opportunity to delve into his world. 'if you could have any superhero power what would it be?' i ask.

buck invents bullet time (although he's never seen the matrix or even heard of it before) and pink tells me she wants to have lazer beam eyes and sing people to sleep like jigglypuff. deep thoughts today.

i tell them that i want to be able to breathe underwater and fly. oh, and i'd have a really cool superhero car, with air conditioning. they agree, definately air conditioning. our justice league will have a great super hero car.

i remembered back to the time when buck and his best friend invented their own superheroes - 'action diver' and his trusty sidekick 'slick cutneck'. isn't that a great name? say it out loud. it sounds like a quentin tarrentino character. slick cutneck. i think that action diver should be the sidekick with a cool name like that. buck disagrees, slick protects action diver so he can go and rescue the people who are drowning.

so, what are your super power needs today?

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