Sunday, August 15, 2004

whoa, what a day

saturday was an excruciating day. the funeral was painful and beautiful at the same time. so many of scott's friends came (i was mistaken, he had just completed his first year at pts) from all of the school's he's attended. it was an honor to witness so many collegeans read verses, pray and share both the serious and the hilarious from scott's life. i wish i had had the opportunity to know him better. he would have made an amazing pastor, heck, he was a pastor, with a church of hundreds, everyone he touched seemed to feel his minister's heart. what a huge loss to the kingdom.

i said to liam as i watched them grieve at the graveside 'these kids should be at weddings and baby showers, not funerals'. it seemed so wrong to see one so young laid to rest. watching his parents say goodbye was gut wrenching. i know they would have traded places with him instantly if given the option.

we drug ourselves to a reunion of sorts afterward, showing up much later than anticipated because the celebration of scott's life went on much longer than any anticipated.

i fell into bed early, exhaustion setting in. at 12:30 i leapt from my bed to a HUMONGEOUS crash outside my bedroom window. it seems someone fleeing from the cops decided to try to take the corner we live on at high speed and ended up sheering off the stop sign, jumping the curb and using the corner of our brick porch to help him point his white blazer in the 'right' direction.

there is a bit of damage to the bricks, but nothing structural, and far less than what could have happened considering the other options. liam's car, which is usually parked in the street right behind the stop sign happened to have been borrowed by my father and parked across the street. we were spared any real trauma (other than a horrible night's sleep because of my adrenalaine spike in the middle of the night), and both my kids somehow slept through the whole incident.

every neighbor was in our front yard though to give their encouragement and 2 cents. it was quite the ordeal. i think i need a nap!

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