Monday, August 09, 2004

a day for us...

ah mondays - family day (until school starts that is). liam is off today, and i really need some time together. this past week has squozed me in places i haven't been squeezed in a long time.

well the best laid plans for yesterday were shot to heck. i awoke at 3:50 (don't ask me why - maybe hormones?? 39 & pre-menapausal?? anyone who has/had this problem and knows why please email me!) and it gave me a good amount of time to blog about liam. i had wanted to do that for a long time and it was a very emotional write for me.

i finished that and made our family recipe banana/applesauce raisin bread (splenda included) for breakfast. it was going to be a grand day. we had a suprise party for liam planned after youth group, and we were taking him out to lunch after church.

each and every one of those things (banana bread included) didn't turn out like i wanted it to. oh was i angry. especially at liam. he got 'called away' on a youth pastor emergency, and we got stood up for lunch (at least not at the restaurant, in the church parking lot...). pissed doesn't describe how angry i was at him for screwing up my plans.

i went home and tried to nap, which was interrupted by him coming home to apologize, which of course, my exhausted 'wet hen state' was not helped by this AT ALL! (i'm telling you all this so you don't think that liam walks on water or that i am under any false assumption that he 'is' jesus - marriage is still hard, intimacy still escapes us sometimes, but it's more than it's ever been and very fulfilling).

needless to say, today, i need a break, a change of pace, and that lunch that was postponed yesterday. so i am going to take that break, enjoy my family and change my pace. have a great one!

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