Saturday, August 28, 2004

oh the generosity of a good friend

well, we got some wonderful news today. friends of mine are going on an extended 'holiday', well for her and the kids it's a holiday, for her husband he's doing a job. they're heading to austrailia for four months.

she calls me today, 'hey bobbie, could you do me a favor while we're gone?' i'm thinking check on the house kind of stuff. nope. she says 'do you think you could drive my van for me while i'm gone? you know it's horrible to leave a vehicle sit for four months.' i hear her husband in the back echoing her words.

she said 'you told me your van died and we thought this would be a way to help us both.' i cried. well, actually i told her multiple times, 'oh gina, i can't, that's too sweet, no, really, you don't have to do that...' receiving is difficult for me. finally i took a deep breath (after the holy spirit knocked me in the back of the head - duh!) and said 'yes, gina. thank you.'

so god not only has worked out this wonderful solution that will allow us to be both safe and saving for that next vehicle. it will also free up the $$ we were paying to insure our own van. god is so very kind.

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