Tuesday, August 31, 2004

a little clarificiation

i awoke to an email from my good friend janet this morning. she gave me an encouragement and a good swift kick. i like those from time to time. she challenged me about this passage that i wrote:

i am a firm believer in the fact that you are not responsible for information that you don't have. so right now i am in this 'state of grace' that allows for my insane control freak behavior and explains away my issues. but it's time to move forward. to stop avoiding and really sink into this next layer of the onion and my psyche. breathe... breathe... lord, help me to be willing to be willing...
this was based on avoiding the reading of the next book on my list - 'compelled to control', not that my fear is bad or that i think it makes me safe. i am in full understanding of the devastation it is bringing to my life, and that the truth will set me free.

thanks so much for that reminder janet!

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