Tuesday, August 17, 2004

the navbar

okay, blogger has started a new and strange service. notice at the top of my blog there is now a 'navbar' - instead of the usual google ad you can now get to random blogs throughout the blogger blogosphere (say that 10 times fast...)

so i am getting weird hits from random referrals because of this, it is so strange. i tried it myself from a couple of friend's blogs and you jump to incredibly different, strange and weird sites, out of context blogs in many different languages and types appear.

a better idea might be to consider allowing us to categorize our blog and people can hop to another similar type blog. i don't find it a useful tool right now.

i know it is making for some WEIRD comments from abstract users who have no idea the kind of dialog that is happening at each blog.

poor steph at 'just etchings' got a random visitor who left a bizarre comment that i personally would have found a bit offensive if it was left on my blog. not so sure i'm a big fan of the nav bar yet...

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