Wednesday, August 04, 2004

key word poetry

poetry for the inept

i love magnetic poetry. liam's metal office door used to be covered in it until they put the addition on our church and forced him to move his office to the administrative wing of the church. i played with it all of the time.

it had words to scramble and move, and forced you to be expressive and work with what you had.

this morning i was driven from my bed with words that needed to be written. i'm working on my next article, and some points fell into place like tumblers in a lock. i love when that happens, but wish it could be at 7:30, not 4:30... oh well, i'll take inspiration any time i can get it i guess.

so after i got them down on 'paper' (screen) i decided to check my comments and stats before reading on the couch hoping to fall back to sleep and get a nap before my kids awaken.

it is truly amazing what people do searches on. i am constantly curious about who is the one doing the searches. things were pretty 'normal' here for a bit, but i'm getting hits on disconnected thoughts now and it's making my keywords into a kind of magnetic poetry that sounds like it was written by some beatnik and should be read in a smokey coffee house.

i thought i'd share it with you, in the order that it appears on my screen. (i've removed the names to protect the innocent).

indescribable feet
big women
sideways emerging
you with the lyrics
toward stumbling
faith uncontainable
god are stars amazing
and know masterbation
help commencement
sky renovatus
placed name
codependency change
sponsor spiritual film
unchangable music
christian shame
love hurt bird
just consequences
childhood bedtime addiction
solomons porch things
further yay
wounded psalm

my favorite searcher is the visitor to my site who uses yahoo and types 'big feet women' this brings up the post i wrote about the church giving me shoes to wear that were too small for my big feet. i don't think that their intention was to find my blog, but they've returned many times, each by typing 'big feet women' into yahoo. i pray for you yahoo searcher, i hope that doesn't freak you out. i'm glad that you found a kindred soul here. thank you for reading my words. i hope you enjoy my wounded psalm.

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