Thursday, August 26, 2004

gmail users blog

i stumbled across this blog yesterday and it's quite helpful for the techno illiterate that i am. thought i'd let other gmailers know about it if you're interested.

i also have 5 gmail invites if anyone would like one? email me at emergingsideways AT and i'll send you an invitation.

i love my gmail account (will love it even more when they add 'groups' to the address list). it's user friendly and groups email dialogs together in 'send/reply/send/reply' folders so you can continue a discussion without having to begin anew each time or have loads of recopied text.

the other nice feature is that being owned by google all the mail is fully searchable. if you are looking for an email you can't locate you can search key words and find it quickly.

and, yes, the storage space is vast, so you're welcome to my invites. first come, first served! :)

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