Thursday, September 29, 2005

no ukes

i read marko's post about the newest dangerous trend amongst teenagers with great interest and actual fear. i have heard of the new craze of teens 'choking' themselves to get high, not the way they used to do it, just choking. or the 'death by dust-off' information that keeps finding my inbox of every concerned aunt that knows we work with teens. i have a friend who is the principal of the local middle school and i would regularly talk with her about these kind of things that the area community youth could be struggling with.

i was prepared for the worst. marko really builds it up, my gut clutches as i read on:

you may not want to read further. it could become painful. those with medical issues or weak stomachs are encouraged to stop here and begin praying for the rest of us, who, because of our calling to love teenagers, are compelled to find a way into and through this latest beelzebubbian lure.

i can hardly type it. i did not even know about it myself until this past weekend, when i spoke to a group of so-called “leaders” — high school perverts who embraced this new vileness.

but i must make you aware. because my calling is to equip youth workers, i am compelled, though i hesitate even now…

it — the evil thing — is…

the casual use of the ukulele — four-stringed baby-guitars of death.
aaaaahhhhh - you got me - i had a good laugh, called liam over after a bit and with all seriousness said 'you've got to read this...' he got caught too - and then spent some time designing this for marko. he has started to put some of his work together at cafe press - you can find his store here.

note about the store: we started this on a lark, the prices/profit are a joke and the free store limits you to one of each of the shirts - if you do see a shirt style that you'd rather have, email me and we can switch it around.

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